I am a hopeless romantic-I will probably cry at your wedding at some point during the day. I am a storyteller. The images we create will tell the story of your wedding from the very first preparations until you ride off into the sunset--I will be there. I don't have to tell you how to prepare for this day...you've been preparing for it your whole life. We will have images of your family all together-every important moment-and my favorite...the time we create portraits of the Bride & Groom. My Collections are based upon how long you want me to stay at your reception--some like to cut the cake, give out some hugs and they are off. Others like to linger long into the night with their friends and their family. Each Collection is very customizable-except for the Wedding Album. A beautiful custom designed Album is included with each Collection. I don't want your photos to just remain on a USB drive in a drawer somewhere. Your Album will be an heirloom cherished forever.

Collection 1- $1,200

Collection 2- $1,600

Collection 3- $2,200

Album Pricing: Additional Pages

Deposit of 50 percent (50%) is due at booking with the final payment due 7 days before the wedding. Don't forget about me before you ride off into the sunset.

Overtime Wedding Coverage+ $150.00 per hour

Please contact me at Vmurdock4@gmail.com or 269-873-7454 because I am sure you have a lot more questions!

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