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Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer

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Northwest Indiana Wedding Photographer

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Little Rock, Arkansas Best Wedding Photgrapher

Photography has fast become a part of me. I started with a desire to capture memories of my life and then when I had a family, of our lives. Then I got a really nice camera. It was a need for me. The small film camera from my youth to a digital camera opened doors wide open. I was taking amazing landscape and nature photos as well as my children playing sports and just growing up. A friend asked me to be her Wedding Photographer. On that day, I realized I had found my passion. It fulfilled the desire in me to create a story. A three-act play that ends with two people starting a new life together and riding off into the sunset. I threw myself into education and went to workshop after workshop and going to national conferences just to improve my skills and to set my photography apart and make it unique and timeless.

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