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Following Splendor Images
Adam and his Australian Labradoodle Senior Photos Little Rock, Arkansas
Formal Senior Portrait at Wildwood Park
Wildwood Park for the Arts Gazebo
High School Senior Portrait in a Grey Suit
Senior Guy Sunset Portrait
Little Rock, Arkansas Portrait Photographer Silouette
Senior Guy Baseball Photo Little Rock, AR

Adam's 2017 Senior Photos by Following Splendor Images.  We captured the many faces of Adam during his Senior Photo Session.  This session spanned over 4 states and 4 seasons.  We climbed mountains with 50 pounds of photography gear to reach the top of Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We chased the light in Fort Myers, Florida on Fort Myers Beach. The sunsets are so amazing in Florida.  We braved the snow of Michigan where Adam grew up and even caught the beautiful Fall days in Brogue, Pennsylvania!  We used natural light and Off Camera Flash.  Adam was just as involved in these shots as the Photographer!  He was creative and knew just what poses suited him best.  We captured his best colors and his wardrobe choices were perfect.  He even included his best friend, a Australian Labradoodle named Remy in many of his photos.  Adams talents were many that he showed off during his sessions. Adam could stand and do a back flip or run and do one no handed!  Adam also plays the violin and we included many shots with his violin.  At one point, we were at Wildwood Park for the Arts in Little Rock, Arkansas and 2 swans were not happy we were in their territory and started coming after us.  Adam started playing his violin and they calmed right down and seemed to gliding into a dance.  These photos were very special to my studio, Following Splendor Images.  This is my son and I am so very proud of him!