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Following Splendor Images

Tony & LaShanda were married in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 3, 2017 at the newly renovated Robinson Center in Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas in the Grand Ballroom. The Grand Ballroom is lined with floor to ceiling windows allowing the beautiful sky to shine in all its glory and Tony & LaShanda had a beautiful sunset at the start of their reception! The decor was classic and beautiful with flowers that towered to the ceiling and candles gracing every corner. The first kiss to the first dance to the beginning of their lives together was both romantic and passionate.  You see-this was a journey for Tony & LaShanda--she living in Washington, DC and he in Texas--this day--with all of its planning and hard work culminating in the both of them never having to part again.  As we were taking photos, I asked them where they would spend their honeymoon. He looked at her and said Hawaii--she was so surprised...this was the first she had heard.  She wanted to wait until the wedding was over--she wanted to be surprised.  I loved that moment--I loved that I was there to see the smile on her face and to see how wonderfully happy Tony would always make LaShanda feel.  Thank You Tony & LaShanda for allowing Following Splendor Images to be a small part of your day--a day of love and of passion.