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Carter Farm Wedding Getting Ready Photos
Following Splendor Images

Carter Farm Wedding Getting Ready Photos

When a bride plans every moment of her day, getting the perfect memories captured is vitally important to her.  She purchases matching robes to get ready for her Wedding. She and her bridesmaids will spend hours preparing for the moment they walk down the aisle.  We wanted to show how much fun these girls are together. We wanted to show how important they are to one another. The porch rightly named "Bridal Cottage" at Carter Farms in Benton, Arkansas is the most quaint, romantic, and rustic all at the same time! I watched these girls share stories, spray hair spray, put on makeup, eat little muffins and drink sparkling water. I loved watching them interact and ask the opinion of one another how this shoe looked or "how is my hair?". It was such a special time and I felt very honored to be a part of their day.  We did the normal photos of them laughing and smiling together and then the obligatory iPhone photos for their Social Media. This day they all prepared to walk down the aisle, but only one received the prize. Sarah was stunning and the getting ready process was worth it all! Thank you for allowing me this honor to capture the most special day of your life! Love, Following Splendor Images

Location: Benton, Arkansas .